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Everyday we interact with many people through the internet, as technology has enabled us to create deeper, more lasting relationships with many of them. Facebook is a place to connect with family and friends. LinkedIn is a place to connect with colleagues. CrushBlvd is a place to connect with beautiful people. The blonde bombshell whose killer smile makes men weak in the knees. The tall, masculine hunk that melts the hearts of women at first glance. Or, your own ravishing friends that you invite to join.

Find and connect with the people you find most beautiful. See if they can brighten your day. See if you can brighten someone else's day. You'll be surprised of your own influence.

CrushBlvd is for connecting with beautiful people. CrushBlvd is for social networking. And, CrushBlvd is for fun.

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  • Have your own feature page and photo gallery
  • Dominate the Leaderboard for having the highest Crush score (Social score)
  • Be exposed on the Connect queue to receive massive exposure and new connections
  • Obtain access to extraordinary discounts and freebies for shopping, dining, entertainment, traveling and much more!

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Find and meet beautiful people

Whether you're an exclusive or general member, CrushBlvd helps you find and build a connection with beautiful people who inspire and intrigue you. Discover your favorite people and make new connections everyday! It's never a bad thing to expand your beautiful network.

CrushBlvd is the first social network for beautiful people and it provides cool perks based on users' Crush score. As appearance is the most important aspect of physical attraction, CrushBlvd creates a unique and fun social network that makes it easier to mingle with attractive people online. The site allows everyone to join free, receive perks based on their Crush score and socialize with its beautiful community.

What's a Crush Score?

A Crush Score is a social score that measures your popularity and level of influence over others. Read the FAQs for more details.

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