What is CrushBlvd?

CrushBlvd is a free social dating site that features the public voting of members to be "dateable or "undateable." Each member receives a Crush score, which is used to determine the eligibility of perks.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please read about our terms and conditions here.

What is the Privacy Statement?

Please read about our privacy statement here.

How Do I Change My Password and Email?

Please go Edit Profile and go to the Account Settings to change your email and password.

What is the Connect Section?

The Connect section is where members can connect with others and receive votes to be dateable or undateable.

What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard shows the most "dateable" members that have the highest Crush score.

What is a Crush Score?

A Crush score determines your popularity and level of influence over others. The score has no limit, and the higher the score determines the higher the popularity as a member. A Crush Score determines the perks that you are entitled to. You have a chance to dominate the Leaderboard with the highest score.

How Do I Gain Points for the Crush Score?

  • 20 points for joining
  • 40 points for filling out your profile (all fields)
  • 5 points for each friend you invite to join
  • 30 points for uploading a profile picture
  • 15 points for each gallery picture you upload
  • 4 points for receiving a follow
  • 2 points for each member you follow
  • 4 points for receiving a crush (exclusive members only)
  • 2 points for giving a crush
  • 5 points for new status updates on your profile wall
  • 2 points for writing on someone's wall
  • 2 points for each rating you give
  • 5 points for receiving a "dateable" vote

How Do I Lose Points?

  • 2 points lost for each member that you unfollow
  • 5 points lost for each status message you erase
  • 15 points lost for each photo you erase

How Do I Delete My Account?

Please email us at with a note that explains why you wish to cancel.

What's a Crush Score?

A Crush Score is a social score that measures your popularity and level of influence over others. Read the FAQs for more details.

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